The Wilson Staff D350 hybrid features a compact versatile head shape that will deliver a high, forgiving ball flight compared to a traditional long iron.


Wilson Staff have positioned the CG lower and deeper in the head of the D350 hybrid to raise the MOI and stability of the head through impact as well as increase the forgiveness on off centre strikes. 

To provide exceptional levels of distance, a larger hitting area and a higher ball flight the D350 hybrid features their Speed Sole technology. 

The combination of head shape, sole technology and CG location increases the versatility of options as to where the D350 hybrid can be used. Stand confidently over the ball when it is on a tee, fairway and in the rough to get the best out of the club. Wilson Staff have fitte the D350 hybrid with the excellent mid spin and launch UST Elements Chrome graphite shaft. This shaft will help provide the necessary control that will make you attack greens like never before. 

Distance technology that helps to expand the effective hitting area where it's needed most; across the sole of the club. Specifically designed to help the golfer get the ball airborne and forward, Speed Sole Technology