Wilson Staff have used a deep double milled face on the Infinite Grant Park putter for more controlled and consistent roll off the putter face. To help you line up more consistently to your intended target line the Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park features a contrasting alignment system.

The head and grip on the Wilson Staff Infinite Grant Park putter have been made heavier so that it uses counterbalance technology. By counterbalancing the head and grip it takes all of your wrists out of the stroke and allows you to swing the putter more consistently for better distance and accuracy control.

To finish off what is a superb feeling and looking putter the Grant Park has had the Infinite putter grip fitted, it is larger than standard and provides the necessary tour like feel that the putter deserves.

Product Features
Classic Shape - Extreme toe hang style putter that will better suit golfers with a strong arc to their putting stroke
Heel and Toe Weighting - Provides the necessary off centre stability for greater control 
Alignment System - Parallel sight lines in the centre of the face to make alignment to the intended target easier
Deep Double Milled Face - To get the ball rolling off the face rather than jumping and skipping
Infinite Grip - Slightly larger than standard to remove your wrists from the stroke
Counterbalance Technology - Heavier head and grip make you swing the putter more consistently


£89.00 Regular Price
£71.20Sale Price
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