The MacGregor MACTEC Stand Bag has been designed to provide a comfortable carry with exceptional balance as well as providing plenty of storage. Macgregor have used a crossbow dual padded shoulder strap design that is fully adjustable and will spread the weight of the bag across your shoulder for improve balance and comfort.
Lifting and lowering to and from the shoulder has been made easier with the use of the moulded grab handles on the top design. The top design has a 9", 7-way divider top that features 2 sectional full length dividers that delivers excellent club management and grip crowding at the bottom of the golf bag.
MacGregor have used a top mounted and robust stand mechanism that is easily activated and provides excellent stability. The legs on the MACTEC Stand Bag also lock into place to provide you with the option of using a trolley without sacrificing any pockets.
A total of 7 strategically positioned pockets have been used in the layout to maximise storage. Included in the pocket layout is fur-lined valuables pocket.
Other excellent features on the MACTEC Stand Bag include a towel webbing, umbrella loop and a matching rain hood. 9" top stand bag. 7-way top with colour-coordinated air mesh cushioned fabric. integrated grab handle. 2 full length dividers. Lightweight high-mount automatic stand system for added stability. Moulded angle base designed for greater bag stability. Rubberised zippers. Crossbow dual padded shoulder straps for maximum balance and comfort. 7 strategically placed pockets including: fur-lined valuables pocket, clothing pocket, cooler pocket and ball pocket. Towel webbing. Umbrella loop. Rain hood


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